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Pirate the canary chick

Mrs Catherine Thomas — 17/01/2015 21:27

Pirate's owner started out with two canaries. He was really excited when they produced an egg and a while later a tiny chick hatched. He provided a nest which he thought would be comfortable and safe for the new addition to the family. The parents seemed to be doing a brilliant job of looking after their new chick so he thought it best to leave them to it and not disturb them. When Pirate was three days old his owner had a quick look to check that everything was ok and he noticed something wrong with pirate's foot and leg. On closer examination he found a piece of the fibrous nesting material stuck around the leg and the foot below it looked very red and swollen.


He was able to remove the material and bathed the foot. He contacted Catherine and booked an appointment for him to be seen. Unfortunately the foot died and fell off. But Pirate's mum was looking after him well and he continued to thrive. Catherine prescribed some antibiotics and a solution to bathe the leg to prevent infection from setting in.


Despite the loss of his foot Pirate continued to thrive and grow. His leg healed without any problems. Pirate is now learning to use his remaining leg and starting to leave the nest. We are really pleased with how well he has coped.        




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  • Donna Gillett
    17/01/2015 22:26
    I have been following Pirate's story since his owner found out there was something wrong,,,Glad to see pirate is well and thriving,,a very special little bird..
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