Catherine Thomas BVM&S, MRCVS

If you own an exotic pet in Suffolk then you need Suffolk Exotic Vet Services. Exotic pet means any bird, reptile, rabbit, rodent, ferret, hedgehog or amphibian – basically any small pet which isn’t a cat or dog.

For many years the owners of exotic pets in Suffolk who wanted the best care for their pets had to travel long distances to access it. Suffolk Exotic Vet Services was set up to fill that gap and provide high quality safe veterinary treatment for pets like yours.

Catherine has been working with exotic and avian patients for 8 years but was frustrated by the limitations of the lack of time and equipment to deal with these patients in the way they deserved while working in normal small animal practice.

So in early 2014 she came up with a plan and set up Suffolk Exotic Vet Services. She bought all of the equipment that she had been longing for and completed extra training to be able to use the equipment proficiently. Then she started running exotic animal clinics in established practices across Suffolk.

Catherine Thomas
sees a variety of species including rabbits, rodents, reptiles, amphibians, birds & more

Some benefits of Suffolk Exotic Vet Services:

  • For every consultation we will have a full thirty minutes available to discuss the unique details of your particular pet and any illness.
  • We have all of the equipment to make beak and nail trims as quick and safe as they can be.
  • Anaesthetics are frequently required to investigate or treat many common problems. Suffolk Exotic Vet Services has equipment to ensure that all anaesthetics are as safe as possible.
  • Due to the small size of many patients and their ability to hide signs of disease sometimes we need to use much more sophisticated methods of determining what is wrong. One such method is the use of an endoscope which is basically a tiny camera which can be placed inside an animal to look at the internal organs.
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