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New Exotic Clinic opens in Wangford

Mrs Catherine Thomas — 27/09/2020 00:01

Catherine Thomas has been operating Suffolk Exotic Vets within Wangford Vets since 2014, seeing all kinds of exotic species. Over the years the service has become very popular and it has outgrown the facilities available within Wangford vets. In October 2020 Suffolk Exotic Vets will be opening a new exotic animal only clinic, using space on the first floor above Wangford Vets.

The move means that Catherine and her team will be able to provide a top class service for all exotic animal species in a custom designed clinic. The clinic will have a separate entrance and waiting area so that the patients won’t have to see or hear any dogs or cats. There will be a dedicated team ready to welcome you and your exotic pet to the clinic and to ensure gold standard care for your pet throughout their stay with us.

Suffolk Exotic Vets sees all species of exotic pets. We accept pets registered with us as their primary vets and also pets referred to us from surrounding veterinary practices.

Take a look at some photos taken along the way of the progress made in preparing the new clinic:

Walls are built to create the space needed.


The floor goes down

Units start going up


The work surface is in


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