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An exciting year ahead for Catherine

Mrs Catherine Thomas — 11/01/2016 12:01

Catherine Thomas, the vet who runs Suffolk Exotic Vets, has some exciting news to share with you: She is due to have a baby in 2016. This is wonderful news and Catherine is looking forward to the exciting challenges ahead but it does mean some changes for Suffolk Exotic Vets.

For several months Catherine has been doing her best to advertise and look for someone who could take over Suffolk Exotic Vets while she takes maternity leave. Unfortunately there were no suitable candidates. This means that the service will have to be temporarily suspended.

Catherine's last day before maternity leave will be the 29th January. After this date the regular vets at Wangford and Whitworths will either be able to see your exotic pets, with advice from Catherine where possible or they will be able to refer them to a suitable exotic vet.

For anyone who specifically wants to see a vet with exotic animal qualifications we can recommend two practices:

Iain Cope BSc (VetSci)Hons BVM&S CertAVP(ZooMed) MRCVS

Cambridge Vet Group
89A Cherry Hinton Rd
01223 249331

Faye Bethell BVetMed CertGP(ExAP) MRCVS

Toll Barn Veterinary Centre
Heath Rd
North Walsham
NR28 0JB
01692 407 126


Watch this space for information about when service at Suffolk Exotic Vets will be back to normal.


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  • Liz Heyer
    07/01/2017 21:58
    Iain is now at Vets4Pets Newmarket not CVG.
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