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Winners Announced

Mrs Catherine Thomas — 29/04/2015 17:05

Exotic pets across Suffolk have been having their photos taken so that they could enter the Suffolk Exotic Vet Services photo competition and be in with a chance of winning a great prize of a professional photography shoot and prints. The competition has been a huge success and we received many wonderful photos. You can see all of the entries in the collage below.

The four judges had a hard time deliberating over the many entries but have finally made their choices and we can now announce the winners:

Third place goes to MrBogglyBoggly the chameleon. Boggly is a happy friendly little boy who is always waiting to come out of his viv and say hello. Everyone who meets him falls in love with him.

Second place goes to Alex the ferret. Alex was once kept in bad conditions and left alone in a cage all day. When he was rehomed he needed a lot of loving care and pampering. Despite his difficult start in life he is now an obedient and loving pet.

First place goes to Charlie the umbrella cockatoo. She loves nothing more than a cuddle or a chase around the garden. She has a deformity of her elbow which she was hatched with, but she doesn't let this affect her daily life.

We're all really looking forward to seeing the photos from their photography shoots. Keep watching our facebook and twitter pages to see the resulting photos.

If you are looking to have some professional photos of your exotic pet then contact the dog photographer.



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