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Suffolk Exotic Vet Services receives great reviews

Mrs Catherine Thomas — 28/01/2015 21:01

Two new reviews for Suffolk Exotic vet Services have been received by the Good Vet Guide today. We're really pleased that owner's are so happy with the service provided by Suffolk Exotic Vet Services that they want to share their good experiences.

One reviewer wrote:

"I got recommended Catherine Thomas as a Vet to see if she could help my pet bird. My birds case was tricky, however, she is much much better now. Catherine really put a lot effort in to finding out why my Lovebird was ill, and would always keep me up to date with results and theories she had. I would 100% recommend Catherine as shes lovely and definitely a very good exotics Vet!"

Then a second reviewer added this:

"I would and all ready have recommended Catherine Thomas as a Vet to friends that have Bearded Dragons. She gave my 2 year old Beardie George a health check and was very good with him. She gave us good advice on all aspects of looking after him as he was a rescue that had not had the best of starts in life (we have had him 4 months now). She did find he had to many natural bugs in his poo, but this was soon sorted with some antibiotics. He is very well now eating well and putting on weight."

The Good Vet Guide is the Uk's most comprehensive directory of Veterinary practices which also provides a way for owners to leave reviews. Take a look here: The Good Vet Guide



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