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Skittle's surgery is a success

Mrs Catherine Thomas — 11/09/2014 22:54

Skittle is a much loved Leopard Gecko. While Skittle's owners were away on holiday she was being looked after by friends. Unfortunately it is thought that some crickets were not eaten and managed to escape into Skittle's vivarium without being noticed, and while Skittle slept the crickets munched on Skittle's skin. This left a wound on her back. Fortunately her owners knew to bring her in to see Catherine. On examination it was noted that one of Skittle's ribs could be seen through the wound. This meant that surgery was most definitely required to cover the rib. Skittle was admitted and surgery performed that afternoon. The area was thoroughly cleaned and the muscles were closed over the rib followed by stitches in the skin. She was also started on a course of antibiotics and given some pain relief.

  Skittle being prepared for surgery

A few days later Skittle wriggled so much while being handled that her skin tore a little next to the original wound. When re-assessed it was obvious that it was only the skin that had torn so it was possible to continue to treat the wound without further surgery.

A swab of the wound also revealed that although there was infection present it was a bacteria which would respond to the antibiotics she had already started on. Due to her wriggly nature and the need for regular antibiotic injections it was decided that Skittle should return to the practice every three days for her injections.

After three weeks Skittle returned for a check-up and repeat injection and Catherine was very pleased to see that she had shed her skin and in the process shed the scab over the wound to reveal a lovely area of scar tissue. It is hoped that this will continue to heal and become less obvious and Skittle will forget about her ordeal.


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