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Case Studies - Reptiles & Amphibians


These are real stories from Suffolk Exotic Vet Services and how Catherine has been able to help her patients.

  • Shelly the tortoise has major surgery

    13/09/2015 20:10 by Mrs Catherine Thomas
    Shelly the tortoise is an old lady and when she started slowing down a bit at first her owner didn't think much of it. But Shelly had quite a serious condition called follicular stasis. She needed major surgery to treat the problem.
  • Fred the egg bound corn snake

    22/01/2015 21:19 by Mrs Catherine Thomas
    Fred was initially thought to be a male. But one day his owner's noticed the sudden appearance of a pile of eggs in his enclosure and some swellings just before his cloaca. Fred's owners soon realised that Fred would need to be changed to Fredrica. Read more details of what happened to Fred here.
  • Turbo the constipated Sulcata

    27/10/2014 08:46 by Mrs Catherine Thomas
    Turbo the Sulcata tortoise was brought in because he appeared to be constipated. X-rays showed us what the problem was. Read the details of Turbo's treatment here and see the pictures of what we got out of him.
  • Sookie the tortoise with severe metabolic bone disease

    21/10/2014 07:44 by Mrs Catherine Thomas
    Sookie is a one and a half year old tortoise with severe metabolic bone disease. This case study has been written to warn other tortoise owners and hopefully prevent other tortoises from ending up like this.
  • Skittle's surgery is a success

    11/09/2014 22:54 by Mrs Catherine Thomas
    Skittle, the Leopard Gecko developed a problem when her owner's were away on holiday. Fortunately after a visit to see Catherine, surgery and a course of antibiotics Skittle is now doing well.
  • Jasper the Tortoise

    30/06/2014 20:17 by Mrs Catherine Thomas
    Jasper was brought to see Catherine last year when he woke up from hibernation and his owner noticed that he wasn't his usual self.