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We are delighted and extremely proud to share with you just a small selection of the feedback we have received from some of our valued clients:

  • Snowball, rabbit
    After seeing two vets, they didn’t diagnose anything and snowball wasn’t getting any better. Luckily we found Dr. Betts and she knows exactly what’s wrong with Snowball and gave him the right treatment. Dr. Betts is knowledgeable, patient and genuinely cares about her fur patients. I would highly recommend Michaela to all the other rodents owners
  • Bouncer Umbrella Cockatoo
    We had had Bouncer for 30 years (45+ years old) when his breathing suddenly became a problem. I went to Suffolk Exotic Pets having read the testimonials as our previous vet was only 'interested' in exotics. He was immediately put on oxygen and then an airsac tube inserted to help him breathe. Numerous tests were carried out and all along I received regular phone calls as to how he was and on the first night he went home with the veterinary nurse. They all fell in love with him and would provide toys to keep him amused and plenty of head scratches which he adored. No one could have done more and they were devastated when he suddenly took a turn for the worst. It was the worst outcome but all my birds will go to this vets in the future - they truly love their patients and will do all in their power to help. Thank you.
    Christine Cross
  • Storm&Aurora The Minilops
    I don’t even know where to begin! Suffolk exotic vets is amazing! We had our two female bunnies booked in at a local vet near us for their spay operations, however I was really anxious about it. I hadn’t heard of Suffolk exotic vets until I went onto the RWAF website in search for an Exotic vet and Suffolk Exotic Vets came up. I spoke to Jo and she handled everything! She answered all of my worries and concerns I had, she told me the whole process from start to finish and gave me dates of different vets that were available around the time I needed the appointment. So I booked them in with Catherine! Both Catherine and Jo were amazing with the Girls and Jo kept me updated all throughout the day on the PetsApp. I had a message with an update before I had even got home from dropping them off! She sent pictures of them in recovery, and when they were up and about again. They always put the girls needs first and always did everything they could to make them as comfortable as possible. They then continued to support us throughout recovery and then re-bonding the girls back together. I now have two healthy, happy bunnies, I can not thank and recommend Suffolk Exotic Vets enough!!
    Bex Stone
  • Kakariki
    I took my bird to see Catherine today as she has a lump just above her eye which has been worrying me. Catherine was lovely with JJ and I felt confident in her assessment of the lump. I am so pleased to have found a vet that has a good knowledge of birds and will definitely return with any of my birds in the future if necessary.
    Lyn Clements
  • Juniper the Syrian Hamster
    The day after my little Juniper turned 2 I noticed bleeding coming from her private area. I immediately contacted Suffolk exotic vets and an appointment was made for me that day. I went to see Dr Michaela Betts. She was so amazing, she treated my little girl so well, explained everything possible to me and made sure I understood my options and helped me make an educated decision on what to do. Thanks to Dr Michaela my little girl is making a full recovery, thriving and living the hamster dream once more. Thank you so much!
  • Gizmo the Leopard Gecko
    Dr Catherine was so helpful and professional. I felt so much happier after the first consultation and she always explained everything fully. All the staff and very helpful and kind. Can’t recommend them enough for your exotic pets!
    Lucy Crumly
  • Pip the Rabbit
    Really lovely staff, kind and considerate towards the animals, so friendly and genuinely seem to care about my bunnies.
    Jess Kerley
  • Silvia & Charlie the Cockatoos
    Very happy to of found this vets. We live near Southend-on-sea Essex and will only ever take our umbrella cockatoos to these vets. Catherine has seen both our birds on different occasions and is always very professional and talked through everything with us. The price was good too.
    Hermish Hall
  • Grumpy the Snake
    I am very pleased with the treatment and care provided for my unwell snake. Fantastic communication and customer service too. Thank you!
    Sam Clifford
  • Beatrice the Rabbit
    Amazing staff, they go above and beyond to be helpful and friendly.
    I’d highly recommend to anyone. They’ve made my bunnies and myself feel so at ease after so many bad experiences with previous vets.
    Mirium Lacey
  • Cashless the Tortoise
    Lovely & friendly; reassuring & knowledgeable team.
    Joe Robinson
  • Buzz the Chinchilla
    Knowledgeable and kind. It is lovely to meet a vet who understands owning small animals. Catherine has given my chinchilla medicine that is tasty rather than us having to battle with him, so our stress levels are much lower than they are usually following a vet visit. I would drive all that way again and further if needed! Absolutely worth it and worth every penny.
    Very reasonably priced considering specialist experience and expertise.
    I expected it to be more! I was pleasantly surprised.
    Hayley Hammond
  • Holly the Macaw
    Very happy with all of the help we received from everyone at Suffolk Exotic Vets. Thank you to Catherine for all her help and advice with our macaw. Would highly recommend.
    Linda Tuffs
  • Smidge the Rabbit
    Found Suffolk Exotic Vets when I was looking for a rabbit savvy vet in the local area to get my rabbit spayed. Although my rabbit is registered to a vet a lot closer to home I decided to bring her here for this procedure (from the research I had done and recommendations received from other people) and it was the BEST decision ever. Me and my daughter were so anxious about our Smidge having such a big op. Jo kept us updated via pets app all morning and afternoon with what was happening, when she was in surgery, when she was out, how it went, how she was doing, what she was eating, when she was having medicine, if she was pooping ok… even little things like a pic of where Smidge would be put when she came out of surgery…. it really made the whole experience so much easier and it really put me at ease to know she was being so well looked after and was in such good hands. Smidge came back very sleepy but the next day she is back to her happy self and is doing so well. I couldn’t have asked for it to go any better. I really couldn’t recommend the service here enough. Thank you everyone who looked after Smidge so wonderfully
    Anna Jepps
  • David & Booley the Rabbits
    Shotley Gate
    We do a two hour round trip to visit Suffolk Exotic Vets with our Rabbits David and Booley. That should say something about how much we rate them .
    Catherine's expertise far surpasses our local vets and has saved Booley from having an unnecessary procedure recommended by another Vet for a misdiagnosed condition.
    Both David and Booley have old age health conditions and see Catherine monthly to monitor their condition. I'm pretty sure Booley would not be with us and enjoying her old age if it wasn't for Catherine's superior knowledge.
    On top of this in 40 years of keeping animals i have never known such a caring Vet. When Booley had an operation Catherine said beforehand if she wasn't happy with Booleys recovery she would take her home over night to keep a close eye on her and help her through her recovery. That is definitely above and beyond my previous experiences and shows her level of caring. To top things off whenever you call ,you always get a cheerful and always very helpful reception from Jo. I Can't recommend highly enough!
    Nicola Rowe
  • Pepe
    My amazon parrot was not his usual self.
    He was eating and drinking but was very quiet and refused to come out of his cage, which was very unusual. He also appeared to have a sore leg.
    Catherine examined him and recommended treatment.
    Pepe is now fully recovered and I have my little companion back again .
    Thank you
  • Snap the Gerbil
    Suffolk Exotic Vets were the closest practice we could find to help with our gerbil, which had grown to be 3 times his normal size. Catherine conducted a video consultation, as we were an hour’s drive away, followed up with a f2f visit. Samples were taken which established our pet had a serious medical condition. Unfortunately he was not treatable and he died within days of the visit. Throughout, the attention given by Catherine and her follow up was exemplary. I would recommend this practice for any small animal needing specialist attention.
    Andy Tyne
  • Netherland Dwarf Rabbit
    Pip our little bunny started to lose her balance and appeared drunk with a head tilt. We were referred to Catherine who conducted tests and found her to carry the econiculi parasite. She prescribed medication and Pip made a full recovery.

    We knew this could flare again, and it did. This time Catherine went above and beyond. She took our bunnies home to keep an eye on them, and treat them keeping us informed of her progress.

    Pip is part of our family and I cannot stress how much this care and support means. Catherine has genuinely made us feel that we can ask questions and get support day or night.

    We know there will be complications again in the future but feel safe in the knowledge that we can get support from Catherine and her team.

  • Bear the Skunk & Pea the Peacock
    So great to have an exotic vets so close, and what an amazing team they are! We were very impressed with the prompt appointment and the service we and our animals received was 2nd to none. They genuinely care and are very knowledgeable we will definitely be using them for all of our exotics. Thank you for all your help from everyone at Unicorn Alpaca Walks.
    Kerry Nicholls
  • Willow the Giant Rabbit
    Our (not so) little bunny Willow has certainly kept us busy since in the short time we adopted her.. through abscesses that just would not give up, plenty of operations, medication, a CT scan, then recently when she was poorly... Catherine has done an amazing job in treating and helping willow get through all that she has and has been the constant support for us as owners. Always showing professionalism and empathy that reassured that willow was in the best hands. Amazing human being... cannot recommend Suffolk Exotic Vets enough... thank you for everything!
    Sacha Mitchell
  • Freddie
    Freddie is looking so much better after his feather plucking. I hope it continues like this. I was impressed with the way Catherine handled him. Holding him in one hand while manoeuvreIng a syringe in the other “respect “I will certainly recommend her to any other African Grey owners. I have taken all of her advice on board, and will definitely consult her again if Freddie has any more problems. Thank you so much.
  • Zelda & Siblings - Cockatiels
    I noticed Zelda (pictured) that she wasn't feeling herself, so I've booked in an appointment for her, everything was fine and at the last minute I decided to bring in her two siblings. Dr Thomas accommodated my request and proceeded to check all of the 3 chicks, and she did an amazing job.

    I would recommend Dr Thomas above anyone else, she's friendly and knowledgeable.

  • Winston African Grey Parrot
    Carlton Colville
    Winston is an African Grey Parrot, a Timneh. He is about 6 years old. For about 4 days his behaviour changed, he was eating but not talking as much, sitting at the bottom of his cage and his tail was twitching. After reading up on the internet, i contacted CatherineThomas via email and phone. She advised Winston came in ASAP.
    After his examination and a detailed explantion from Catherine of the possibilities of Winstons illness, we narrowed down a starting point for a diagnosis and the treatment for Winston. As we all know vet bills are not cheap. When the consultation was over and a few tears we decided Winston was to stay in Catherine's care and start his antibiotics. Catherine called me every evening after my little boys bedtime, when it was convenient to talk in more detail. She updated me each day with how Winston was doing, what he was eating and saying. She put my mind at rest. After 8 days i was able to collect Winston and bring him home. He is 100% back to his normal self. With information and advice received from Catherine i am also in contact with a parrot behaviour specialist. I am now more educated and a better owner for Winston. I highly recommend Catherine. We received an excellent service.
    Karen Lounds
  • Minimus . Guinea pig
    Ipswich Suffolk
    Catherine had removed an extremely large bladder stone from Minimus, my guinea pig. She was extremely prompt in her action to relieve Minimus of her pain and even stayed over two hours over her work schedule to do so, which was greatly appreciated. She also took Minimus home with her after the operation to keep a close eye on her recovery after waking up. This was my first time meeting Catherine and I have come to realise just how much knowledge she has on guinea pigs in comparison to my previous veterinarian who mainly works with cats and dogs. Finding an exotic vet who is also local is extremely important to me. Catherine was pleasant to talk to and extremely efficient in responding to my many, many emails and questions. A fantastic job well done! and a much happier little guinea pig now! I Highly recommend this lovely lady to any guinea pig owner and no doubt many more species. Thankyou.
    Miss Diane Tozer
  • Horsfield Tortoise
    Dave the Tortoise
    We recently acquired 2 ten year old tortoises, Dave and Harry. We noticed that Dave had an undershot jaw and an overgrown beak which was causing him difficulty eating. We discovered Catherine was working in the next village and couldn't believe our luck!
    Catherine gave a thorough examination to both tortoises and then clipped Dave's beak and a little off his jaw. I was expecting him to be a little withdrawn afterwards but he was the complete opposite. His appetite has increased 2 fold and we (and Dave) couldn't be happier!
    Thanks Catherine.

    Chris Cooper
  • George
    I would and all ready have recommended Catherine Thomas as a Vet to friends that have Bearded Dragons. She gave my 2 year old Beardie George a health check and was very good with him. She gave us good advice on all aspects of looking after him as he was a rescue that had not had the best of starts in life (we have had him 4 months now). She did find he had to many natural bugs in his poo, but this was soon sorted with some antibiotics. He is very well now eating well and putting on weight .I would 100% recommend Catherine as shes lovely and definitely a very good exotics Vet!
    Clare Burley
  • Zazu - Bearded dragon
    I was recommended by my local vets to see Catherine regarding my bearded dragon as I was concerned about her with not eating. Catherine shared her detailed knowledge and provided me with the information and guidance I needed. Within this Catherine then kept in contact with me in order to ensure that my bearded dragon was making progress.
    Catherine responded to all my concerns and questions very efficiently through email and with visits.
    Very good service and would recommend to others.
  • Gilbert the Guinea Pig
    I was referred to Catherine by another vet in 2013 when my guinea pig Gilbert became very poorly. Catherine has an excellent knowledge of small exotics and I was very impressed with the prompt and thorough actions she took in terms of blood tests, scans, water tests and treatment. Gilbert had to stay at the practice for several days and Catherine kept me fully updated on his test results, medication and progress throughout. Once he was well enough to come home Catherine gave me very clear instructions on administering his medication and was in regular contact to check on his progress and subsequently saw Gilbert for several check-ups. Acting quickly is so key when small animals are poorly and the care and kindness Catherine gave to Gilbert was first rate and undoubtedly saved his life.

    Finding a practice with an in-depth knowledge of small exotics is often difficult and so we are very lucky to have Catherine in Suffolk specialising in this area. I have no hesitation in recommending Catherine to fellow guinea pig owners.
    Rosemary Hammond-West
  • Jasper the Tortoise
    When the cold winter of 2013 turned into a prolonged cold spring my two tortoises struggled in coming out of hibernation and I urgently needed to find a vet who had a much greater understanding of the species. By chance I came across Catherine who was my saviour.

    From first meeting her I knew that she had a good understanding of tortoises and she spent much time and many hours (much of it in her own time) trying to revive my pets who I had had for some 35 years. Sadly the oldest was too weak and could not be saved but thanks to all Catherine's hard work and dedication his younger 90 year old brother, Jasper, survived.

    I would recommend her skill, knowledge and dedication very highly.
    Sue W