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Catherine see all kinds of birds and is very experienced at handling and dealing with all avian species, even those who may not be used to handling or who may become stressed. If you have any concerns please contact us.

Most avian species are very good at hiding signs of illness, so it is important to monitor them closely and contact us as soon as you notice any changes in their behaviour. In most cases we would advise booking an appointment as soon as possible. If you feel that your bird needs urgent care don’t hesitate to call us.

It is advisable to have some kind of carry cage available at all times in case of an urgent need to travel to us or anywhere else. There are many carry cages designed specifically for birds, but often a cat carrier or small dog crate can be used if needed. In some of the smaller species a cardboard box may be suitable. Whatever you use please make sure that it is secure so as not to risk any escapes on the way to or from us. It is usually advisable to have a towel or blanket to cover the cage and reduce the bird’s anxiety. You should also be aware of extremes of environmental temperatures so keep your birds cool on hot days or provide warmth on cold days.

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  • Pirate the canary chick

    17/01/2015 21:27 by Mrs Catherine Thomas
    Pirate was only three days old when his owner noticed he had something caught around his leg. He managed to remove the piece of fibre but the foot was badly damaged. Read more details here.
  • Kiki's respiratory infection

    21/10/2014 15:03 by Mrs Catherine Thomas
    Kiki was quite unwell when she came to see Catherine. She hadn't responded to antibiotics given to her by her usual vet. Read more details about Kiki's case here and how dangerous some bacteria can be to birds.